The Ministry of Mission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

The Ministry is to be an emissary for Christ's love and compassion for those in need throughout the community, the nation and the world. The goal is to be accomplished individually in the lives of the Ministry members and as a group through the prudent identification and creation of opportunities for the congregation of FPCH to share their time, talents and treasure in Christian

service to others.

The Ministry of Mission is responsible to:

  • Continually work to identify new mission oriented opportunities in accordance with the purpose statement.
  • Research potential charities and causes for the gifting of Mission funds to ensure gifts go toward accomplishing mission oriented goals.
  • Develop and oversee mechanisms through which the congregation can directly take mission action (i.e. "Adopt a Family" programs, keeping the pantry full, Salvation Army Bell ringing,school supply programs, Shelter serving and cooking, etc.)
  • Develop and administer self-funding projects which actively engage and involve the congregation by giving them opportunities "to share their time, talents and treasure" (i.e. bake sales, flower vouchers, 4th of July parking lot fundraising,etc.)